How To Order And Buy Koko Samoa Online | The Koko Samoa

How To Order And Buy Koko Samoa Online

Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to order The Koko Samoa.

We thought we'd take the opportunity to answer your question, "How do I buy the Koko?" The first step is you come to this site, and you will see the Koko Samoa products that are available online.

When you click on a product you'll be taken to the products page where you can see all the information about the product that you want.

Click add to cart, then click checkout. Enter your payment details and your shipping details and that's it.

We will send it to you via courier or Australia Post within two to three business days. 

Order Your Koko Online

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Earth's Super Cacao

Planted by moonlight, enriched by volcanic soil and cultivated for flavour. There's a reason Samoan Trinitario cacao is highly prized by those in the know, and considered by experts to be some of the most mineral rich cacao in the world.



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Our Story

When a measles outbreak in Samoa killed 83 people in 2019, husband and wife team Justin Theng and Lasi Theng decided something had to be done to help improve the country’s infrastructure and increase prosperity. Lasi is from a Samoan farming family, and when she and her husband visited her family’s cacao plantation from their home in Australia, they found a viable solution was already there.