What is Cacao Tea?

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What is Cacao Tea?

Cacao tea is a 100% plant based natural drink made from cacao husks, outer shell of the cacao bean. If you’ve never heard of cacao tea before this might seem a little strange at first. But as the popularity of cacao drinks grows, it seems that more and more people are trying different versions of this healthy beverage.

Cacao is the main ingredient in cacao tea. Chocolate and other koko products come from cacao beans which are pressed to make cacao liquor. Cacao liquor can then be processed into a variety of chocolate products. The remaining husks of the cocoa bean are often discarded, or used as animal feed or fertilizer. This is where the value of the husks comes to light – they provide a rich and natural source of nutrients that can be turned into a range of different products, such as cacao tea.

Cacao is a crop that is traditionally used to make Koko Samoa. It requires much of the same growing conditions and cultivation as coffee, and is often grown in the same regions where coffee production thrives. After the cacao fruit is processed into Koko Samoa or chocolate, the shells are typically discarded.

So, why would anyone want to drink cacao tea made from discarded cacao husks? Simple - it tastes like hot chocolate with zero guilt!

The Koko Samoa cacao tea is a light cacao and cacao flavour, with subtle notes of caramel and vanilla that make it reminiscent of hot cocoa. The cacao tea has a smooth, earthy finish that is similar to a chai tea.

Cacao husks which are like the 'tea leaves' in the cacao tea are naturally high in magnesium, fibre and flavanols. They are also relatively high in natural caffeine content, which makes them naturally stimulating. So, in addition to being delicious, cacao husk tea provides you with all of the health benefits of consuming cacao beans.

What Are Cacao Husks?

When the outer shell of the cacao bean (husks) are removed after drying, they can be steeped in hot water to produce a tisane (cacao tea) that smells just like chocolate. Once the nibs are separated from the husks, which is part of our zero waste ethos, they are ready to be used.

Made in Samoa from 100% Organic Samoan Cacao - Our family's small business is grows cacao and also purchases from neighbouring farms. The Koko Samoa cacao husks are made using classic Pacific Island traditions to ensure the truest, most authentic flavour.

What Does Cacao Tea taste like?

It is very similar to the taste and aroma of dark chocolate. Cacao is a complex bean that is full of personality. The cacao plant, native to South and Central America, was originally cultivated for its seeds, which are a nutritional powerhouse and an incredible superfood. In addition to containing essential vitamins and minerals, cacao is rich in antioxidants – an important factor in maintaining health and longevity. Yet as the popularity of chocolate has grown over the years, cacao has been somewhat overlooked.