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About Us

With Love From Samoa

The Koko Samoa started as a way to continue the dream of our dad Maalo, who tirelessly nurtured a plantation of cacao, coconuts, bananas and other delicious permaculture produce.

We are a small, family run business based in two locations; the beautiful island of Upolu and Sydney, Australia. We believe that it is important to make small changes in your life to protect what we value most, whether its our health or our environment. We use cacao from trees planted on our farm, and neighbouring villages and we labour alongside other businesses who hold similar values and dreams, to make sure we get the coverage Samoa deserves. Using Koko (cacao) as an ingredient, we are not only able to produce delicious beverages, but also a wide range of products that can be enjoyed anywhere!

Connected By A Shared Love.

A Quick Hello From Lasi

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“You will not find higher quality cacao than Koko Samoa. I work as a health consultant and I was searching for a brand that has not been modified or refined, as raw cacao nibs is a must for health! Not only am I incredibly satisfied with the product, but also with the outstanding customer service! I am a customer for life!”

Pamela Crapser

About Samoan Cacao

The first documented appearance of cacao in Samoa occurred in 1883, when German planters initially introduced the Criollo subspecies and the later Forastero subspecies. These Forastero plants were planted in amongst the original Criollo plantations, to replace the significant number of Criollo plants that had failed to survive.  The hybridised offspring of those original Criollo and Amelonado plants produced a quality of bean that was known in the cocoa trade as “Samoan Trinitario”, locally referred to as “Koko Samoa”. It is that cocoa which has the fine flavour and characteristics that was responsible for Samoan cocoa achieving a premium price over bulk cocoa. Cacao is high in Magnesium and other nutrients and in its raw, uncooked form, is considered a superfood. The nutrient dense volcanic soil of Samoa add to that rich tapestry of nutrients making Koko Samoa a premium product your body will love.