Our founders saw first-hand the devastation of the Measles outbreak in Samoa, and spent time talking with the international doctors and nurses about the need. They had also lost family members because they couldn't get to a healthcare facility in time. THE KOKO SAMOA is proud to be partnered with Future Proof Samoa in their drive to build a healthcare system that caters to all individuals regardless of their circumstances or location.


In addition, our partnership allows us to contribute to Soul Talk, where proceeds go to supporting a team of qualified counsellors, as well as aid work for vulnerable children, youth, couples, families and individuals of all ages and from different religious denominations. Student and youth support includes migration concerns, drug and alchol issues and abuse (phyiscal, emotional, sexual).

Keeping Kids Safe

With Talofa Kids, we are helping to bring child abuse to a halt. Their vision is to see children thriving in a safe and progressive Samoa and we couldn't be happier about being a part of their mission. Their work includes training workshops and open platforms for discussion, seeking to end crimes being committed against children.


THE KOKO SAMOA has joined Future Proof Samoa in contributing to key projects by Brown Girl Woke. We are able to play a part in inspiring, educating and empowering young females to lead culture and policy changes for a transformative society. Initiatives include providing clean drinking water in Samoa where needed, raising awareness about domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Education & Apprenticeship Programs

Our partnership also allows us to work toward creating an apprenticeship program that will train and up-skill youth for a future in industry. Future Proof Samoa seeks to create a program that is equivalent to AUS/NZ standards to equip Samoa's local people with industry skills & standards.

Planting & Farming

Beyond our donations to these charities, we strive for sustainable materials, packaging, shipping and zero-waste production. We believe that the privilege of doing business means actively investing in the livelihoods of families as they plant, harvest and sell cacao. We can't do it alone either. In addition to our own plantations, we also purchase from other villages and distributors who share the same heart as we do, and we aren't afraid of attaching a high value to the cacao we source.