Pop Some Superfood Into Your Day

The Koko Samoa offersthe world’s only single-serve cacao pod, providing a superfood in a cup.



Cacao is a superfood, with powerful antioxidants, magnesium and nutrients that may help to protect the body against diseases.

Best Cacao

The Koko Samoa is organic, vegan-friendly and made from Samoan Trinitario beans, found only on the islands of Samoa and highly prized by the world's best chocolatiers.


Too many people accept that they are tired and lacking in energy as a result of living busy lives. The Koko Samoa pods are a functional caffeine-alternative but less than a cup of coffee.


Social Good

We believe that the privilege of doing business means actively investing in the livelihoods of farming families as they plant, harvest and sell cacao. In addition we donate to organisations like Brown Girl Woke, inspiring, educating and empowering young females to lead culture and policy changes for a transformative society.

Delicious & Simple

Experience hot chocolate in its purest form. Allow the dark velvety flavour of pure cacao transport you to dreams of island paradise amidst a rich tapestry of ancient culture. Place one pod in your favourite mug and fill 1/4 full with hot water. Break and dissolve the pod and continue to fill the rest of the mug with boiling water. Sweeten to taste.

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Customer Reviews


"You will not find higher quality cacao than The Koko Kamoa. I work as a health consultant and I was searching for a brand that has not been modified! Not only am I incredibly satisfied with the product, but also with the outstanding customer service!!! I am a customer for life!!!"