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  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
  • Granola & Nibs Bundle - The Koko Samoa
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Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs with FREE Granola

Chocolatey Crunchy Goodness

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How to use it

Mix: Add Cacao Nibs into your favourite shakes and smoothies and blend it up for a chocolatey kick.

Eat: Sprinkle onto your favourite breakfast bowls, desserts or use as a chocolate replacement in recipes.


✓ Samoan Trinitario Cacao
✓ Gluten-Free
✓ Vegan
✓ 100% Organic

Shipping & Returns

Australia: 3-4 business days

New Zealand: 7-14 days

United States: 14 - 28 days

Rest of World: 18- 28 days

Returns: Our policy lasts 30 days. Read more here.

Are you a foodie with a weakness for chocolate?

The Koko Samoa Cacao Nibs and Queen Snacks Ready to Bake Granola bring you chocolatey granola, full of natural nutrient dense ingredients and brag worthy boosting benefits.

Simply, bake the granola then mix in the cacao nibs for a healthy treat. Sprinkle on top of a smoothie for an aesthetically pleasing insta-worthy meal, or keep it classic and serve with yogurt.

Homemade baked goodness the whole family will love. You'll want to make room in your snack stash for this chocolatey crunchy treat...

  • 5g of plant protein from seeds, nuts & cacao
  • Full of healthy carbs and fats to keep energised and fuller for longer
  • 100% premium Samoan Trinitario Cacao Beans
  • NO Nasties: added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours, 
  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • Less than 200 cals (no added guilt about adding extra toppings)


Treat yourself before it sells out!

Chocolatey Crunchy Goodness

This isn’t your ‘from shovel to shelf’ supermarket variety. Our premium Samoan Cacao Nibs are not bitter, and they’re made from one of the rarest cacao in the world, the Samoan Trinitario. They’re also 100 percent vegan, so you may indulge yourself without guilt. They're free of glutens but high in anti-oxidants. What's more, Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs are great for lifting your mood and keeping you energized throughout the day. It's not just cacao. It's Earth's Super Cacao.

What will you create?

Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs are chocolate-grade, a hedonistic blend of flavour, aroma, colour and texture that is sure to draw superlatives from discerning epicures and especially chocolate aficionados. These cacao nibs are easy to store, so stock them in your kitchen and use them to raise your culinary craft to a whole new high--whether you're a cordon bleu chef or just someone with a passion for cooking.

Our cacao nibs are great for every meal. Bring some excitement to breakfast by including them in Greek yoghurt or granola. For lunch, add an element of surprise to a banana or frozen berry smoothie. And if a Mexican dinner is on the cards, give that mole sauce a crunchy cacao edge.

Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs really go places. They can be incorporated in waffles, puddings, pies, pastries, crepes, cakes, granola bars, ice cream and trail mixes to enhance taste and visual appeal. And, of course, they're sold in 12 countries and ship free across Australia (for orders over $75).


  • Made from 100% premium Samoan Trinitario Cacao Beans Gluten-Free Vegan100% Organic Use cacao nibs to make your favourite choc chip recipes No added ingredients. Just 100% cacao We ship to almost anywhere in the world FREE Delivery Australia-wide for orders over $75


After harvest, the beans are put through a process of slow fermentation to remove their innate bitterness and astringency. In the next stage of curing, they are solar-dried for a whole week to bring out their unique blend of taste, aroma and texture. Finally, the beans are made into cacao nibs and hermetically packed to ensure that they reach you in prime condition.