Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs

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Are you a food lover with a weakness for chocolate? Then discover the inimitable, full-bodied flavour of our premium-grade cacao beans. Organically cultivated in Samoa in nutrient-rich volcanic soil, they're free of harmful pesticides but full of the health-boosting wholesomeness of cacao.

Naturally ripened under the tropic sun, caressed by the breezes of the Pacific, and handpicked by experts with an eye for exceptional quality, our cacao beans are a class apart. 

Get all the benefits of a plant-based superfood plus that extra special cacao kick. 200 grams (7oz) of premium Samoan Cacao Nibs (small pieces of crushed cacao beans). Fermented 7 days, solar dried at least 7 days. Cultivated in Samoa. The nutrient dense volcanic soil of Samoa add to that rich tapestry of flavours and properties making The Koko Samoa Cacao Nibs a premium product your body will love.


Why It's Special

  • Samoan Trinitario Cacao Beans
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • 100% Organic
  • Use cacao nibs to make your favourite choc chip recipes
  • No added ingredients. Just 100% cacao

How to use it

Mix: Add Cacao Nibs into your favourite shakes and smoothies and blend it up for a chocolatey kick.

Eat: Sprinkle onto your favourite breakfast bowls, desserts or use as a chocolate replacement in recipes.

See the FAQs section below for even more tips and ideas.

Money-back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love our Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs after trying it, just send it back to us in the original packaging and we'll refund your money. See our refund policy for more details.

Shipping & Returns

Australia: 3-4 business days

New Zealand: 7-14 days

United States: 14 - 28 days

Rest of World: 18- 28 days

Returns: Our policy lasts 30 days. Read more here.

Orders outside AU & NZ


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    Boosts serotonin and other feel good brain chemicals. Full of magnesium to support a healthy heart & brain. High in fiber to promote normal digestive functions. Packed with phytonutrients to boost cardiovascular health.


    Cacao is truly a heavy hitter containing 40 TIMES the antioxidants as blueberries! It is also the highest plant-based source of Iron!


    We know our customers value sustainably sourced, pure supplements and ingredients. Our cacao products are made from only all natural and non-GMO ingredients.

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Volcanic soils are richer in minerals, and as long as the cacao grown in it doesn't have high levels of heavy metals like Cadmium, you'll essentially be enjoying a boosted cacao. Our cacao has passed the test for very low levels of Cadmium. It's also sun dried, hand picked, 100% organic and keto friendly. Basically, this isn’t your ‘from shovel to shelf’ supermarket variety. Our premium Samoan Cacao Nibs are not bitter, and they’re made from one of the rarest cacao in the world, the Samoan Trinitario. They’re also 100 percent vegan, so you may indulge yourself without guilt. They're free of glutens but high in anti-oxidants. What's more, Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs are great for lifting your mood and keeping you energized throughout the day. It's not just cacao. It's Earth's Super Cacao. After harvest, the beans are put through a process of slow fermentation to remove their innate bitterness and astringency. In the next stage of curing, they are solar-dried for a whole week to bring out their unique blend of taste, aroma and texture. Finally, the beans are made into cacao nibs and hermetically packed to ensure that they reach you in prime condition.
Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs are chocolate-grade, a hedonistic blend of flavour, aroma, colour and texture that is sure to draw superlatives from discerning epicures and especially chocolate aficionados. These cacao nibs are easy to store, so stock them in your kitchen and use them to raise your culinary craft to a whole new high--whether you're a cordon bleu chef or just someone with a passion for cooking. Our cacao nibs are great for every meal. Bring some excitement to breakfast by including them in Greek yoghurt or granola. For lunch, add an element of surprise to a banana or frozen berry smoothie. And if a Mexican dinner is on the cards, give that mole sauce a crunchy cacao edge. Organic Samoan Cacao Nibs really go places. They can be incorporated in waffles, puddings, pies, pastries, crepes, cakes, granola bars, ice cream and trail mixes to enhance taste and visual appeal. And, of course, they're sold in 12 countries and ship free across Australia (for orders over $120).
Cacao has something similar to caffeine in it called theobromine, and the effects can be similar. Caffeine and theobromine are both alkaloids. Cacao beans usually contain about 1% theobromine. Like caffeine, theobromine blocks adenosine receptors, increasing alertness but isn’t as potent as caffeine. Theobromine has also been identified as one of the compounds contributing to chocolate's reputation as an aphrodisiac.
While you should always seek the advice of your healthcare professional, cacao is often considered to be a superfood with unique qualities including; the ability to lower insulin resistance, protect your nervous system (high in resveratrol antioxidants), shield nerve cells from damage, reduce risk of heart disease and strokes, and lowers blood pressure. Never replace professional medical treatment with cacao, and always seek guidance from your doctor.On a more fun note, cacao can be a mood booster because it is reputed to increase levels of certain neurotransmitters that promote a sense of well-being. And the same brain chemical that is released when we experience deep feelings of love – phenylethylamine – is found in chocolate. Generally, organic cacao is also rich in minerals: magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese.
Yes! You can make an order and send it almost anywhere in the world. You don't have to send the order to your own address. For example, you can send your first order to a friend in another state, then decide you'd like to make a second order for yourself. You can definitely do that.
If pure cacao is stored well in a cool dry place, in an airtight container, it does not go bad for a long time (up to 18 months). Although, the flavour and quality of koko (cacao) does tend to decrease after a couple of months. It’s usually the added dairy that makes drinking cocoa go bad, which Koko Samoa in its pure form doesn’t have. That’s why we put a shorter “use by date” because we want our customers to experience their cacao at its best.
Yes, we believe that the privilege of doing business means actively investing in the livelihoods of local Samoa families. In particular, we focus our charitable donations towards protecting children from emotion, physical and sexual abuse.
Yes! A large portion of our orders are sent outside of Australia. We regularly ship orders to New Zealand, the USA and Canada for example and we take extra care with padding and sealing. We also put a “fragile” notice on the box so our couriers handle with care. You can even see some customers sharing photos from around the world in our reviews section. We go a little bit extra with our packing and treat it like it’s made of crystal, because while our products don’t break easily, who wants broken hearts right? These precautions mean that our boxes arrive in good condition. Our Instagram also has lots of unboxing videos under the “unboxing” highlights.
Many people go with what's on the store shelves - in the form of dried cacao (technically cocoa) powder. ⁣⁣The vast majority of people do not know that cacao powder is actually treated cacao paste, stripped of many of it’s powerful bioactive & euphoric compounds like anandamide, phenylethylamine, along with other highly nutritious vitamins, minerals, enzymes & antioxidants. If you are buying cacao/cocoa powder, remember that cacao can be great for the body not just the tongue; other products are simple defatted, nutrient and energy void forms of this superfood. Unfortunately, the majority of the benefits from cacao are lost during its heating and pressing process. Once you've tried , you realise what you have been missing out on.