The Twins

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The Popular Pair To Eat & Drink

What It Is

The Twins include One (1) 250g Cacao Nibs pack (9oz) and One (1) Hot Koko Samoa bag. 

Why It's Special

  • • 100% premium Samoan Trinitario Cacao (Theobroma) Nibs
  • • Includes single-serve Koko Samoa (21 Pods)
  • • Gluten-Free
  • • Vegan
  • • 100% Organic
  • • No added ingredients
  • • FREE Delivery Australia-wide for orders over $50

  • ❗ For Shipping Outside of Australia & New Zealand

    In the current situation, we can't control how long deliveries will sit in customs and quarantine. This can sometimes mean that our single-serve koko can arrive to you melted together. Heart breaking! Please consider this before ordering, because we can't take responsibility for melted koko. If you do decide to order at your own risk, the good news is that even when melted the koko still tastes exactly the same, just perhaps not as convenient. You can also purchase our Trinitario Cacao Paste instead, which you can look at here.

    Good To Know

    Organic food is food produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. Cacao beans used to produce The Koko Samoa products are naturally sun-dried, which allows them to maintain their original texture and flavour. The Koko Samoa’s cacao beans are 100% organic, single-origin and delicious.

    We started small, selling bags of single-serve Koko pods to people in Sydney. Word spread fast and soon we had the attention of the world. A small family business, making  the world's first, and finest single-serve Koko Samoa pods was a unique concept and people wanted to know more about it. With over 2 million cacao trees spread across the islands of Samoa, we saw an opportunity to make more of a difference than we could ever have imagined. By making a purchase you are not only supporting a hardworking family business, but you also help us plant the seeds for future generations of farmers.

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