Triple Pack Koko Samoa Pods

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When You Miss Samoa 

What It Is

Three (3) bags of single serve koko samoa pods with twenty one (21) pods per bag. We've lovingly created the Koko Samoa you know and love, in fun new pod shapes. It's our most famous bag, but in a convenient bulk buy.

So now you can enjoy your hot beverage in convenient little pod shapes. One pod makes one cup of hot koko. One bag makes 21 cups of Koko Samoa. Just add hot water and your choice of sweetener. Koko Samoa traditional style taste but in single servings.

Why It's Special

  • Bulk discount applied
  • Made from 100% premium Samoan Trinitario Cacao beans
  • Gluten-Free
  • Stone ground cacao for a true Koko experience
  • Single-Serve Koko Samoa means less wasted koko in the big pot!
  • Vegan
  • 100% Organic cacao
  • Your family will love the little shapes
  • Use them to make your favourite Koko recipes
  • Quick and easy to make
  • No added ingredients. Just 100% Koko (cacao)

❗ For Shipping Outside of Australia & New Zealand

In the current situation, we can't control how long deliveries will sit in customs and quarantine. This can sometimes mean that our single-serve koko can arrive to you melted together. Heart breaking! Please consider this before ordering, because we can't take responsibility for melted koko. If you do decide to order at your own risk, the good news is that even when melted the koko still tastes exactly the same, just perhaps not as convenient. You can also purchase our Trinitario Cacao Paste instead, which you can look at here.

Good To Know

The Koko Samoa is one of the world's  100% organic, vegan friendly, single-origin cacao. It is produced through a process that preserves the uniqueness of the Samoan cacao bean. A long and proud history surrounds Koko's creation. We start with the seed of the cacao tree, sourced from a family owned plantation in Samoa and neighbouring villages. This is where so many new cacao plantations are established because this land is known to be very fertile, retaining nutrient-rich volcanic soil and having an ideal climate for the samoan cacao tree to grow. The Koko bean has been growing here for 200 years and has adapted fully to Samoan growing conditions and receives an abundance of natural sunlight and fresh sea air. The Koko tree is then nurtured for two years until it produces fruit, at which point the fruit is handpicked and fermented.


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