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No Added Sugars • Source of Magnesium • Antioxidants & Essential Minerals • No Chemicals • Zero Additives • Enhanced Focus • Feel Good Naturally •


The world is in need of healthy alternatives to coffee and chocolate and Samoan Cacao is the answer.


Samoan Trinitario cacao is some of the highest prized in the world. It's nature's best source of natural minerals and nutrients.


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    • The quality of the product and the great packaging. The great service.

      The experience was wonderful. The website was easy to navigate. I felt the communication that I had in organising my order was prompt and helpful. I would recommend you to anyone.

      Bronwyn T.

    • The literal definition of a business operating their ideology.

      Giving back should always be the biggest goal. I enjoyed the nutritious benefits from the natural cacao, whilst helping our families in the islands. So grateful to witness the beautiful side of business.

      Amelia P.

    • The individual pods… makes it easy to serve for one instead of scraping it!

      I really liked it, I love the earthy flavour of Samoan koko… I go two pods for stronger flavour, but that’s just me!

      Rasela M.

    • Perfect way to warm up these winter mornings

      Love these individual pods! Also love all the koko bits you find at the bottom of your cup. But I really love the thank you card that came with my purchase.

    • Convenient packaging & freshness of product

      Always a pleasure purchasing from Koko Samoa. Great communication and speedy delivery.

      Sam T.

    • Great idea and concept. Excellent product!

      I grew up as a first generation Australian with Samoan parents whose mother would regularly make Samoan koko as a regular homemade beverage. Fast forward into adulthood now, I never really appreciated how much I would miss it. Your products allowed me to revisit my childhood and enjoy what I never knew I was missing. Thank you!

      Elizabeth I.

    • The packaging and the aroma of the koko when I opened up the package

      Cannot express my appreciation enough, my order was late,and koko Samoa customer service was right onto it, I literally received a message back almost immediately after I had messaged,❤🙏

      Antonia W.

    • The Pods are amazing, tastes like, smells like Koko and so elegantly presented.

      Love the pods, so convenient to make koko on the go. Quick delivery, love the effort that goes into packaging and presentation. Ordered other packs to share with the family, thanks again Koko Samoa Team!

      Brittany F.

    • Quality of Koko Samoa is excellent

      Thank you to the team of Koko Samoa. Nothing but great service, communication and fast delivery. The packaging is sharp and the pods are such a great idea. Makes it so easy to make my drink. I also drop a pod in my breakfast porridge! A new take on koko alaisa.


    • Amazing!!!

      Purchased as a gift to my beloved samoan friends. Im so happy and so were they. Loved the personalised card. Great experience. Thankyou!

      Sarah G.

    • My new favourite!

      Yay, my order arrived this afternoon thank you for a quick delivery. The koko pods are great idea, I just pop one in a cup with almond milk 3 min in microwave and half a teaspoon of raw honey, yummy. My go to hot chocolate this winter. Thank you Lasi and team TKS.

      Sharrissa I.

    • BEST Cacao!

      Before trying Koko Samoa, I thought all cacao was the same, I was wrong! Koko Samoa tastes fresh and less bitter than other cacao brands, even ones that are also organic etc. Once you try The Koko Samoa you won't go back - LOL seriously though. High rate 100!



    Samoan Trinitario Cacao is prized by some of the world’s leading chocolatiers. Just like the Pacific Island communities it comes from, it’s simply good natured. Grown in nutrient rich volcanic soils and protected by ancient permaculture practices, the Samoan cacao provides more benefits your mind and body will love.